Unity Temple: Coming Home!

Now that the restoration is nearing an end, hard hats are no longer needed!

It’s serendipity that our congregation is exploring the theme of joy this month.

We’re filled with JOY at our return to Unity Temple!

We’re also filled with deep gratitude for our friends at United Lutheran Church, who shared their space with us for these past two years. We thank our ULC friends for their generous spirits.

Our spiritual home has been in the spotlight as it emerges from its cocoon. Many people are eager to see the restoration. The Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic, Blair Kamin, called the restoration “triumphant!”

Here’s a brief summary of some of the media coverage about our return to Unity Temple! We’ll add links here as they become available and clickable. NOTE: Some links contain video, and some sites may automatically play that video when you visit that page.

Chicago Tribune: Restoration ‘triumphant’ (05/20/2017)

Time Out Chicago: Take a look inside (05/22/2017)

CBS2 Chicago: Unity Temple reopens (05/25/2017)

Oak Leaves: Internationally iconic Unity Temple (05/26/2017)

Wednesday Journal/OakPark.com: Wright in time (06/06/2017)

Curbed Chicago: Restoration done Wright (06/07/2017)

WGN TV: Unity Temple reopens its doors (06/17/2017)

Here’s the video clip from the WGN coverage:

This video accompanied the Tribune’s coverage (link above) and featured comments from Gunny Harboe.

Another video from this spring showing the restoration process; there’s fun footage at the end showing the congregation as it filled the space at Unity Temple.





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