Restoration FAQ’s

Is Unity Temple closed forever?

No, the building closed temporarily in June 2015 to begin a lengthy restoration. The building is slated to reopen in late 2016 or early 2017.

The building is now closed to the public and no additional tours will be given until renovation is complete.

The Unitarian Universalist congregation that calls Unity Temple home has moved services to another church during this restoration.

Where is Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation meeting while the building is closed?

Our friends at United Lutheran Church at 409 Greenfield Street have generously and graciously agreed to share their space with us for these months during the restoration. Our services will be held there, after their service and social hour concludes. Please check our main site for service dates and times.

Where are the UTUUC ministers’ offices?

Rev. Alan Taylor and Rev. Emily Gage’s offices are temporarily in the Forsyth Building at 1011 Lake Street (corner of Lake and Forest). Their offices are in suite 212 and 215. Phone numbers and email addresses remain the same. As always, we recommend calling the office or calling the ministers prior to any visit to ensure their accessibility and availability. The administrative office or pastoral team may be able to assist you, as well; contact the main church office with any questions.

I’m here from [another city/state/country/continent] and really, really need to go inside Unity Temple to see this great architectural landmark. Can’t you let me in, just to look around, just for a minute?

We’re sorry, but the building is completely closed to the public. 

The exterior is encased in scaffolding, and many interior elements have been temporarily covered or removed. Architecturally significant elements, like the windows, have been removed to protect them during construction and to clean and restore them.

Please make arrangements to return when the building has been reopened, and guests can safely enter the building to see it in all its restored wonder. It will be well worth the wait, for the members of our church as well as for our public guests!


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