More media mentions

Photo by Ralph Earlandson

Photo by Ralph Earlandson

There’s a lot of interest in the restoration project — and a lot of chatter in the media about what’s happening!

Curbed, a blog that focuses on real estate and architecture, is one of a number of outlets that have featured a story about Unity Temple, in the form of a Q&A with lead restoration architect Gunny Harboe.

You can read the Curbed post — with the ironic title of “50 Shades of Gray” — by clicking here

While several other recent stories have delved into details of the restoration, Harboe’s comments in this story dig a little deeper into the nuts and bolts of what the restoration will be repairing, as well as some of the steps that have been taken to protect our spiritual home during the process.

(Curbed has a national news feed, which is where the Unity Temple story appeared, as well as feeds for individual cities; the Chicago feed can be found here.)


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